Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Force Tako

Have been working with celshading a lot recently so I decided to mix it up and be painterly for once.

From my ever-evolving story, Off the Grid.

I'll never put these guys down. Though I may tinker with the design and create endless variations as I go. Also, the back story behind their unit may go through countless rewrites... but the essence is the same.

They go by many names, be it tako, krake or any other translation from whatever region they grace. Regardless, they are the direct action component of Gendarmerie Global (a hybrid rapid reaction contract/police organization created to police areas recently suffering from internal unrest, regime collapse or other emergency scenarios). When the flags fall, it is Gendarmerie Global that steps in and keeps the peace to a U.N. standard until a new government is formed.

The rifle as well is a personal design I keep tweaking and tweaking. It's pretty much just a mash up of H&K weapons in a bullpup layout right now. Consider it a prototype being evaluated in field trials. I plan to eventually refine it once I find the right design style for it, and it'll be manufactured by one of the fictional companies in the Off the Grid world.

Few hours in photoshop, started out painting over a photo for the pose.

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